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BTCC Key rules and regulations

BTCC Key rules and regulations

BTCC Key rules and regulations

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Teams, the points for entry in the independent’s Trophy team, the team, the championship. Competitors line up on the grid for the re-start in the order of their positions, as the race was stopped. Video evidence provided, may within ten days of an incident as a reason for a request, even if the incident has already been investigated. Prior to the first BTCC race only Dunlop tires Meet characterized and used one of the BTCC test sessions are allowed. The qualifications for the other two races will be held separately, with ballast and with the success of front running applied to competitors as normal. The corresponding car will start on the pole Position with the cars, the versa before it, i.e., if the number six is chosen, the car, the sixth in race two starts on pole in front of the car, finished fifth, fourth, third, etc. points will be listed on the teams that placed as classified in the Final results at each race. Re-entry to the site will only be permitted if the person your hand stamped and is in possession of a valid ticket for the event. To have a driver committed an offence, shall be punished with a drive-through penalty in the last six rounds of a race, instead, by a sentence of between 30 and 60 seconds added to your final result of the race. If the race is stopped after the leader has completed 75 percent of the original distance then the BTCC Clerk of the Course shall not be obliged to start it and explain that it is a final result.

  • Points a race will be awarded according to the BTCC drivers championship, but with no additional points for Pole Position, fastest lap or leading..
  • Each of the drivers a podium during the season, then scoring as not eligible for the JST of the next season.
  • If the decision has been taken to the BTCC exclusively for 2-litre cars, it instantly creates closer racing and attracted a host of high-profile manufacturers, teams and drivers in the series.
  • TOCA reserves the right, at all such tests, the cost of this participation, to the detriment of the participant.
  • This is the only place that you can use for such a test, unless with the prior written consent of the administrator.

A ballast system is used to bridge the performance gap, and this can be reviewed five times during the season. After that, feel free to walk to the National Circuit and miss the bulk of traffic leaving the race track. Police officers and security forces will be on site, and with drug offences in accordance with national guidelines.

  • First introduced in 2011, these technical regulations are designed to dramatically reduce the planning, construction and running costs of the cars and engines.
  • Each of these numbers, the will not be through a previous season, the driver then re-assigned at the sole discretion of the administrator.
  • Teams need to decide which one to use breed you the option compound tyre ahead of qualifying on Saturday, but this information will not be released until Sunday morning.
  • Super 2000 is for the cars that meet the technical specifications, which is currently in the FIA World Touring Car Championship.
  • Competitors will not be running when the race was stopped may be permitted to harken, the restart at the discretion of the BTCC Clerk of the Course, but from the back of the grid.
  • The place and the purpose of the audit communicated at least 48 hours in advance to the Co-ordinator, only the previously marked dry weather tyres are allowed, a championship sealed-must engine be used.
  • There are five to win the title: championship, the manufacturer championship, Teams’ Championship, Independents’ Trophy for drivers, Independent Teams’ Trophy.
  • Teams must race to nominate you to be the tyre, the soft compound ahead of qualifying on Saturday, but this information will not be released until Sunday morning.
  • For races two and three, the ballast associated with it, according to the finishing positions in race one and two, or drivers do not race with ballast for success, and a separate qualifying session, the starting grid will take place on the day before the special event.
  • Replacement drivers are allowed a maximum of 16 new tires plus the four previously marked tyres, the driver, have you replaced..
  • But the rulemakers, a warning from history must note and make sure you go far enough to make a difference.
  • But the \\\”Polish victory lap,\\\” Creator, admired and despised by many, had cut his life tragically short.
  • The numbers represent the cars that give finished from sixth to 12th place in the race, two are in a bowl, and a number is drawn at random.

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